Buy ORMUS for Plants

ORMUS is the Key to Future Agricultural Sustenance

Our Ormus is created through an ancient alchemical process. These elements are in their high-spin form, or Monoatomic state. All of our products come with a potent concentration of Monoatomic Gold.  Our Ormus Liquid Plant Nutrients are perfect for anyone looking to increase their farming yield, whether its a big farm with tons of acreage or a small indoor hydroponic grow, these nutrients will greatly amplify the yield and vitamin and mineral content of your fruits and vegetables. Although our Ormus was extracted from Sea Salts, we use a process that eliminates all of the Sodium (Na), so a Salt build up from our product is not an issue. Benefits for plants include increases in cell respiration, photo-tropism, photosynthesis, soil micro flora, nitrogen fixing bacteria, soil tilth and aeration. Also Ormus makes plants more resistant to insects and disease, which makes them requires a lesser need for pesticides.



"Ormus Monoatomic Gold Walnuts"
walnut ormus

Photos courtesy of Barry Carters